Women’s Lacey Back Tee Maternity Hack!

When I put out the testers call for the Women’s Lacey Back Tee, I had many excited testers. One, in particular, was excited but also said that she wouldn’t be able to test because of her beautiful baby bump. I couldn’t possibly let her miss out on this awesome pattern, so I decided to do a maternity hack for her, and let her test it out to see if it worked okay! Here you can see the ever so lovely Sara Russell in her Lacey Back Tee with the maternity hack!

Women’s Lacey Back Tee Maternity Hack!

So if you are an expecting mama, also wanting to be able to enjoy this pattern, I am here to help!

This hack is very simple, just need to change our front bodice, so that it mimics the back lace insert panel! Yep, it’s that easy!

Start by getting all of your pattern pieces cut out except for your front bodice. Once you have done this, continue reading to find out how we make this top maternity friendly! Please note that for this tutorial I am showing the addition on the tunic hem length, but it works the same on any of the hem length options.

Step one: Get you fabric laid out, and ready to be cut! We will be cutting the front bodice on the fold. Lay your front bodice pattern piece in place along the fold of the fabric and pin in place.


Step 2: We want to add 4″ to the center front of the front bodice. Use a washable fabric pen and draw a mark 4″ down from the bottom hem of your front bodice pattern piece.


Step 3: Now with your farbric pen, you are going to draw in a new scooped hemline as shown below. When you get to the side seam, you want a minimum of 1/4″ to be flush with the orginal hemline. This is so it will match up with your back bodice when you sew it together.


Now you can cut out your new baby bump friendly front bodice!


If you would like to make a sash to cinch in the top under your bust, measure around, just under your bust, and add roughly 30″ to that measurement so that you have enough length to tie the sash into a bow. Any width you’d like should work just fine!


And now, you have done all the modifications needed to make this your favorite maternity top! You can now proceed to the pattern tutorial to finish your masterpiece! When you’re done, be sure to share in the Snuggle My Baby Patterns Supoort Group, we’d love to see it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/SnuggleMyBabyPatterns/

I would like to give a huge thank you to Sara Russell for testing this hack out! She did a lovely job!

Women’s Lacey Back Tee Maternity Hack!

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