We almost missed…Day 6


Okay, so I’m still running behind it would seem.  :/!   I am so sorry that I’m only just now getting Day 6 posted…I got wrapped up with packing and cleaning and completely forgot.  Okay, so for everyone who played along yesterday, we hit up the JenLee dress!  This is, by far, my daughter’s favorite dress pattern ever.  In the history of ever.  We even hacked it for a test we recently did for Jen!    For those who participated for Day 5, we will be getting you a 30% off coupon code for the JenLee as a little thank you for participating.


(Photo credit: Jen Gunn)

Alright so let’s see what we have for day 6…take a look at the clue, and comment on the blog with what pattern you think we’re headed to today!  We’ll send you a coupon code as a thanks for following along!

               Boys like to have their own style and flair

               These are perfect when summer’s in the air

               Pockets for treasures from under some log

               Here’s hoping that treasure isn’t a frog.

Blessings and Happy Hunting,


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