Snuggle My Baby Patterns Introduction

Hello, everyone! Thank you for stopping by to read my blog, I am the sole designer for Snuggle My Baby Patterns! I’ve been sewing since I was seven years old! My mom was an excellent teacher! My educational background is in fashion design. I am a wife and mother of three! My family is my life, all of my designs are made with my own children in mind!

I released my first pattern, Kaylyn’s Button Up Halter Top, at the beginning of May. I love this top as it is quick, easy, and has a very classic feel!

My second release was Linda’s Sue’s Petal Pushers a month later. I wanted to keep true the petal Pusher style, so they fall just below the knee, with open ended cuffs. They also have pin tucks down the fronts and easy sew pockets! These have been a real fan favorite!

I have two more patterns scheduled for release. The first is Dominic’s Board Shorts, which are also quick and easy to sew, include deep pockets, easy to sew waistbands, and two different lengths, short/average, and tall.

and Genevieve’s Summer Scoop Tank Top, which like my other patterns, is quick and easy to sew up! This top has two options! My favorite part of this pattern, is the wide shoulders and high neckline, which gives it a very unique look!

Both Dominic’s Board Shorts and Genevieve’s Summer Scoop Tank Top will be available to purchase on the website on Wednesday July 29th!

I love designing patterns, and I plan to keep designing patterns that are quick and easy to sew, but still have a unique design to them! I also hope to branch out into adult patterns in the future!

Thank you for reading my blog post!

Jen Gunn


Snuggle My Baby Patterns

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