Let’s go on a pattern hunt! Scavenger hunt, clue 1


Well, we have a lot of new fans who’ve joined recently so we’re going to do a scavenger hunt through the Snuggle My Baby Patterns so that everyone can get an idea of the amazing patterns on the webstore or maybe refresh our memories on what patterns are out there!  Each day for the next week, we’ll post a new clue, and you just need to comment with what pattern you think it is.  There may be a little benny in it for those who participate!  ;)!  Soo, here we go!

All bundled up, in a perfect little set

The Sandman is waiting, don’t even fret

These are a quick, fast easy make

Catching some z’s before you awake

Once you think you’ve found the pattern, come back here and comment with what you think it is!!

Happy Hunting!!

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