High five for day 5! – SMB Pattern Hunt


Hi, there!  We’re heading toward the end of the week and we’re at Day 5 of the Snuggle My Baby Pattern Hunt!!  Yesterday, we stopped and took a look at the Women’s Lacey Back Tee!  I really do love this pattern because every so often my daughter wants to have matching outfits, and I can make both of us a Lacey Back Tee because it also comes in girls sizes!!  Thanks to everyone who went pattern hunting yesterday.  I’ll be sitting down shortly to send out your Day 4 coupon code!


(Photo credit: Essence B. Underwood)


(Photo credit: Alexis C

Now, onto clue 5!

Princesses, glitter, everything tulle

Look at that back, it’s so very cool

Your girl will feel like a fairytale dream

It’s easier to make that it might seem

Once you think you have the pattern, give us a comment on the blog with what you think it is, and we’ll send you a coupon code as a thank you gift for coming along on the ride.

Thanks again and Happy Hunting!!

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