I Steven Gunn Own this domain and content. Here is the message I sent in regards to com.snugglemybaby.webview

I am the owner of the domain (on google domains under gunn.steven@gmail.com), I operate the server the website is on. The email server for all Snuggle My Baby and GunnSoft.com/net is on my Amazon s3 account (mx.gunnsoft.net). This is not a new app. My wife is Jennifer Gunn the pattern designer of Snuggle My Baby, I created the logo (minus the owls that were purchased from Etsy for use in the logo). The app is nothing more than a webview that goes to a mobile version of the WordPress site I manage and maintain. All images on the website are of my children, my wife, and the pattern testers who have given their permission via a google doc that my wife uses. The attached image is a screenshot of my OVH account with the snugglemybaby.com IP address and reverse proxy shown, Google domains account showing I own the domain snugglemybaby.com and the last is snugglemybaby.coms WordPress admin. This message can be found at https://snugglemybaby.com/google-apps/ as proof I own the website.

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