Gina’s Knot Your Everyday Tee


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Gina’s is definitely knot your everyday tee!  This pattern is an intermediate level shirt that is extremely quick and easy to put together and features a unique front tie feature that adds a ton of cuteness to your everyday tee!  Gina’s released on July 5th, and it’s perfect for the summer!   It’s actually perfect for any season because it comes with 4 sleeve options so you could  make one for every season.


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The pattern comes in a large range of sizes starting at 2T and going all the way through to 16.  This gives you a pretty good run with this pattern if your littles are on the lower end of the size chart.

Gina’s Knot  Your Everyday Tee

(Photo credit: Brianna K. Karle)

The pattern pieces have a front and back yoke so this pattern is perfect for color blocking or using up some of those cute panels that we all see on some of the custom knit groups out there!  You can even add some lace and dress this shirt up.  You even have two hemline options so really you have 8 shirts in one pattern.  AND, if you use panels, color blocking, or lace that means almost endless options to make Gina’s your own!


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As with most of the Snuggle My Baby patterns, Gina’s has layered printing so you can pick the sizes your want or need and save yourself some ink or paper.  You’ll also have color photos with every step of the tutorial so you can compare where you are with each step in the tutorial.


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Gina’s Knot Your Everyday Tee is available now on Snuggle My Baby Patterns!  Just head over to Jen’s webstore to grab your copy today!


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We also have a Facebook group where we can share our creations and get help if we hit a speed bump.  If you’d like to join the Snuggle My Baby Patterns Support Group, you can do so here:


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