Genevieve’s Upcycle version

Ever wanted to sew knits but too scared to?

Well here is your chance! Just grab an old t-shirt and SMB’s new Genevieve’s Summer Scoop Tank!

Materials needed:

  • Genevieve’s Pattern
  • Over sized T-shirt(i’m using women’s XL slim fit t-shirt for a size 7)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine with stretch stitch or Serger(I used a serger)
  • Marking pen or chalk


1) First thing we are going to do is cut the t-shirt up from the side seams, around the armhole and then up the shoulder seam. This should give you four separate pieces: the front of the shirt, the back and two sleeve pieces.

2) Fold the front in half and trace the front pattern piece on fold. Make sure that the top of the pattern does not over lap on the collar of the shirt. Repeat for the back pattern piece.

3) To cut the neck and arm binding just use the sleeves and the scraps from the front/back of the shirt 🙂

4) Now follow the instructions on the pattern and you should be set! Or like my daughter would say “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy”.

Congratulations, now you are done! Here is a few of the ones I’ve made!

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