We almost missed…Day 6

Okay, so I’m still running behind it would seem.  :/!   I am so sorry that I’m only just now getting Day 6 posted…I got wrapped up with packing and cleaning and completely [...]


High five for day 5! – SMB Pattern Hunt

Hi, there!  We’re heading toward the end of the week and we’re at Day 5 of the Snuggle My Baby Pattern Hunt!!  Yesterday, we stopped and took a look at the Women’s Lacey Back [...]


Ready for more? It’s Day 4!!

Hi, there, and welcome back to the pattern hunt here at Snuggle My Baby Patterns! So far, we’ve been through three days, and we’ve taken a look at the PJ Bundle (which, by the way, [...]


Woo hoo, woo wee, here we are at Day…3!

Alright, everyone, so yesterday’s clue took us to…the V-Neck Sports Jersey!  Thanks to everyone who participated yesterday, and if you commented on the blog post, you should have [...]


Pattern hunt, Day 2

Hello, hello!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Day 1!  Day 1 clue led to the PJ bundle, and I hope everyone who participated enjoyed their 30% coupon for the bundle! I sent an [...]

Let’s go on a pattern hunt! Scavenger hunt, clue 1

Well, we have a lot of new fans who’ve joined recently so we’re going to do a scavenger hunt through the Snuggle My Baby Patterns so that everyone can get an idea of the amazing [...]


Women’s Lacey Back Tee Maternity Hack!

When I put out the testers call for the Women’s Lacey Back Tee, I had many excited testers. One, in particular, was excited but also said that she wouldn’t be able to test because of [...]


New pattern alert! JenLee’s Fairy Tale Dress

(photo credit: Jen Gunn) The new JenLee’s Fairy Tale Dress is exactly what its name suggests…something right out of a fairy tale! This dress resulted from a collaborated vision [...]


Test Photo Tips

One of the most important parts of testing, and one of the most overlooked, is at the very end when testers get to showcase their creations.  Test photos are different than the photos we take of [...]


New pattern release! Jade’s Crop Top

(Photo credit: Jennifer Gunn) When Jenn released her Kelcee Wide Leg Bottoms, she designed a top for her little that everyone had to have.  SOO, she created a pattern for us and it is now live! [...]

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